Disability Insurance Products

Disability insurance products available in the market place today.

Disability Insurance Income Protection Lock

• Guaranteed Standard Issue for Physicians!

Guaranteed Standard Issue disability insurance policies are now available for Physicians! Please give us a call to discuss 1-800-848-4421
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• Reed & Reed Insurance Agency Product Guide

Reed & Reeds Product Guide provides info for all available products as well as an Occupation Written Guide, DI Claims Statistics and our DI Quick Quote tool for in the field use!
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• Key Person Replacement Insurance

Why purchase Key Person Replacement insurance

  • Offers an efficient way to provide the funds to help handle the loss of a key employee due to a total disability
  • Benefits can be used at the discretion of the employer
  • Common uses include recruitment and training costs, temporary staff needs and short-term revenue replacement
  • The insured key employee is not limited in amount of Individual Disability Income insurance benefits he/she may qualify for from Principal Life.

DOWNLOAD: Key Person Replacement Flyer PDF

• Business Loan Protection Rider

A loan protection rider is available with a Business Overhead Expense plan providing your self-employed client a means to pay off a loan during a disability. This provision provides protection for:

  • Purchase of a practice, existing business, equipment, building and/or land
  • Expansion of the business or practice
  • Facility renovations and improvements
  • Increase in working capital or build up of inventory

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• Guaranteed Standard Issue

A great opportunity to offer multi-life clients the ability to purchase disability insurance as a supplemental plan to LTD,or stand-alone plan, on a guaranteed standard issue basis.

  • Available for blue or white collar workers
  • No underwriting involved

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• Business Owner Occupational Upgrade

Business owners showing a track record of earnings for a minimum of two to three years are eligible for an occupational upgrade saving them premium dollars.
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• Simplified Life

Available in amounts of $5000 to $25,000 for ages 18 to age 80
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• DI Retirement Security

Protect your clients retirement contributions currently being made, or contemplated for the future.
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• For the Physician

We now have a product which will allow Physicians who have $10,000 of individual, to have another $5000 of individual if they are a class 4A. If they have underlying group, then the participation is $15,000 regardless of the physician's occ. class.

• For the Nurse

Do you have a nurse who works less than 30 hours per week, but more than 20 hours? If so, we have a product available. Many hospitals employ their nurse population on other than a full time basis and working fewer than 30 hours. This is an opportunity to offer them an excellent individual plan.

• List Bill Discounts and More

20% discounts are available for three or more participants with some of our carriers.
We can offer a list bill for one person. A great way of initiating a payroll deduction plan without the burden of having to write 3 or more, or 5 or more to initiate it.